The safest way to remove moss without damaging your roof

Removing the moss from your roof requires more effort and specialized techniques than you might imagine. Leave this challenge to the professionals at Brilliant Brothers Services. We will provide you with results that will last and add years to your roof.


We have adopted a specialized process for the unique moss growth here on Vancouver Island.  We follow the CRCA (Canadain National Roofing Contractors Association) preferred methods to ensure truly professional results.


The Steps:

1. We remove the bulk majority of moss clumps with a soft bristle brush.

2. We blow off and clear the roof of loose materials

3.  We provide a free roof inspection and report

4. We clean out the gutter system to ensure proper drainage

5. We treat your roof to kill all moss spores and any remaining moss


     Moss                       Treatment

2 Year moss free Guarantee

Our formulated moss treatment solution kills any moss spores, algae, molds, and lichens that have found their way onto your roof.

When applied to your roof, this treatment will keep your roof clean for years to come. We also offer follow up treatments 2 years after the initial spray date at a reduced rate to keep moss away for good.

Our moss treatment comes with a time tested 2-year moss free guarantee.

Extra Roof and Moss Services:

- Roof Inspection

- Re-sealing of any old or missing seals. These are typically found around vents, pipes, and old anchor placements.